Commissioners don’t share Mayor Davis security concerns

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Mayor Hardie Davis expressing security concerns, but this is not something all commissioners share.

“The mayor needs to do like I did, I got a German Shepard that’s what the Mayor needs to do if he wants security I don’t understand that,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

Monday the Mayor’s Office releasing a statement saying he met with Marshal Ramone Lamkin and in those talks there we questions about providing the Mayor with a security detail when he’s out in public conducting official business.

“It’s only a discussion I understand but we have a lot of other things at hand park safety, job growth, this ambulance service, that I think we need to concentrate on,” said Commissioner Bobby Williams.

The Marshal met with Commissioners behind closed doors on Tuesday to discuss city security we asked Marshal Lamkin about the Mayor’s concerns.

“We haven’t had any recent threats to the Mayor or his staff but he did bring some security concerns to our office we are looking at what other agencies do,” said Marshal Lamkin.

“If there has not been any indication that there may have been some threat I don’t really see providing the service,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

“No other Mayor has had that, that I know about if he gets it that all ten commissioners should get the same thing, so I got some issues with that it’s much easier to train you dog,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

“Do you think he wants or needs a detail?”

“I don’t not at this point in time,” said Commissioner Bobby Williams.

The mayor declined to talk about his concerns on camera today. Marshal Lamkin says he’s looking at what other communities in Georgia do t when it comes to security for mayors and staffs adding right now no decisions have been made on a security detail.

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