Commissioners back mayor’s business closings

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Really, want a difference a few hours make eerily quiet downtown Augusta during lunch hour after the mayor mandates restaurants and bars can’t be open because of the coronavirus.

The welcome mat no longer out at Augusta restaurants, take out only, as Augusta takes steps to combat the coronavirus. a steps that are not pain free.

“It’s going to hurt some businesses throughout the country not only our community, throughout the country but the point is doing you worry about your business or do you worry about the public,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

Mayor Davis issuing an executive order Saturday, mandating the closing of certain business where people gather like bars and restaurants.

“If we’re going to be a stronger, safer community we have to employ these practices now we can’t continue to wait to do that,” said Mayor Hardie Davis.

“I think the Mayor and the commission did exactly what the majority of the citizens in Augusta expected not only expected but wanted us to do,” said Commissioner John Clake.

The comes after a commission discussion on Thursday, where the mayor said a nightclub on Gordon Highway had 300 people inside

“I’m not going to say the club was the reason but actions like the club was one of the reasons I’m sure,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

As Augusta closes diners, Columbia County, is allowing restaurants to remain open as long at CDC guidelines are followed,

“Certainly lead to some confusion there’s no doubt about that but one again we have to do what we feel is best for our citizens they will do what they feel is best for their citizens,” said Commissioner Clarke.

Meanwhile Governor Kemp is leaving it to local governments to make the call on closing businesses.

“I think it would have been a little simpler if the Governor out given out direct instructions across the state, but he didn’t, he left it in local hands,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

Commissioner John Clarke saying one criticism could be not that the city took this action but rather the city could have taken this action sooner he says a lesson learned for next time, in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel six.

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