Commission scheduled to discuss R&B Hall of Fame proposal

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The National Rhythm and Blues Hall of Fame has not been an official topic of discussions for commissioners here in 2021, however that is scheduled to change.

After nearly a year of silence Augusta commissioners are scheduled to discuss the induction ceremony for the National R&B Hall of Fame.

“The only thing I know is one of the commissioners asked for it to be on the agenda, so I guess we’ll get the low down on it tomorrow during committee,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

Last summer, organizers proposed holding the 2021 R&B Hall of Fame induction ceremony at the James Brown arena August 15th as part of a four-day event that would bring the city international attention.

“It’s good for our city it’s going to give us good publicity throughout the county and hopefully it will increase our revenue for that weekend by bringing in all these key people,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

But organizers are saying last year they needed 150 thousand dollars from the city so the four-day events could be free, commissioners never voting to approve the funding.

“$150 thousand, would you give that money I’m not so sure about $150 thousand because we have to be careful when we disperse money,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

“I love that kind of music but I’m just not sure that this guy is going to bring it off so I’m not willing to bet that money on it,” said Clarke.

We reached out to organizers about the induction ceremony plans but we did not get a response.

Now, according to press reports the National Rhythm and Blues Hall of Fame is scheduled to have a press conference next week to announce its 2021 inductees.

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