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EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) – A middle school student in Columbia County will make her worldwide debut Friday, January 24th.

She will be featured in a new documentary series called Marvel’s Hero Project on Disney+.

One might say she’s a crouching tiger or a hidden dragon but everyone says Izzy Green is determined.

When Izzy, a third-degree black belt, was asked to be featured on Marvel’s Hero Project she said she was excited to be given the chance to help inspire others.

“I say give it your all,” said Izzy.

Izzy’s mom Tania Green explained, “She worked really hard not being wheelchair-bound. She was born with a condition called arthrogryposis multi congenita (AMC). Essentially what that is, it’s like clubbed feet but it affects all of her joints. Including her hands and she had several surgeries when she was young.”

“I had casts for four years and I’m supposed to be in a wheelchair and karate has helped me so much,” said Izzy.

‘Do you feel pain?’

Izzy responded, “No, no pain. Look where I am now.”

At five-years-old, Izzy began to train in taekwondo. Eventually, she won four gold medals at the ATA World Martial Arts Expo.

Izzy assured, “Karate has helped me a lot with my confidence and now they don’t bully me anymore because they know not to mess with me.”

“There was quite a few name callings and you know, other kids not understanding and kids aren’t being mean they just don’t know,” said Tania.

Izzy’s accomplishments on and off the mats got the attention of producers from Marvel.

Tania explained, “Izzy is a miracle child for the Children’s Hospital of Georgia. We do quite a lot of work with them.”

“I help out a lot at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia and fundraise,” said Izzy.

Izzy’s episode of Marvel’s Hero Project will show you how Izzy is making a difference in the CSRA.

“As a matter of fact if they hadn’t of contacted the hospital and I would have just gotten the random email from some producer in New York City I would’ve been like delete. Cause like how does that even happen,” said Tania.

Izzy added, “I want people to get inspired by me and do karate or think they can do anything because I don’t think anyone thought I could do this.”

Izzy’s episode of Marvel’s Hero Project, ‘High Kickin’ Izzy,’ premieres January 24th on Disney+.

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