College students eager for sense of ‘normalcy’

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AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF) – After more than a year of confusion over masks and virtual learning Augusta University students are ready to return to normal.

I spoke with University President Brooks Keel and he says his students faced many challenges over the past year, and he hopes they’re ready for a return to on-campus learning. Keels also says transitioning back into the classroom is long overdue…

“…Interact with the alumni and more with the community as well as with our students and that to me is what I’m looking forward to and during the summer I think you’ll see us do more and more of that as we get toward that August timeframe where we know it’s going to be completely open and we’re just hopeful that people continue to get vaccinated and to do what they’re supposed to do,” says President Brooks A. Keel.

Summer registration for students is now open and will serve as a transition period to being full back in the classroom in the Fall semester. For now, students can expect virtual learning to be taking place.

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