City of Thomson seeing changes after a year with new police chief

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THOMSON, Ga. (WJBF)- More officers, new four legged officers and a variety of programs are hitting the streets of Thomson.

NewsChannel 6’s Ashley Flete spoke to Chief Anson Evans with the Thomson Police Department about some of the new things he has put in place.

“There is a new vibe in Thomson right now, where people are really just trying to get involved.”

Thomson Police Chief Anson Evans took over the department last year.

“When I got here, including myself we only had 10 officers. We couldn’t do anything.”

Now there are 16 officers working for the department and they are looking to add seven more.

“The biggest problem that we’re having right now is theft. We’re putting together a lot of programs that center around thefts. Assaults were up last year, they have dropped 8 percent.”

Chief Evans tells me some of the new officers require a bit more training.

“We’re also looking to go to San Antonio next month and pick up two more dogs. One bomb dog and One narcotics dog.”

The handwork and community policing the department focuses on is paying off. The people in Thomson are noticing the changes and efforts.

“We were blessed to have a citizen donate Duke. He’s a full breed German Shepherd.”

Those K9’s along with their handlers will go through five weeks of training to get certified in the state of Georgia.

“The cost of everything… hopefully they will pay for themselves. Most of the time drug dogs do end up paying for themselves,” says Chief Evans.

This is all in hopes to shed a new light on the city of Thomson.

“We feel like the city is returning to us. When they walk up to you and say you’re doing a great job, that’s a great feeling you can’t ask for better. It’s not the evaluation of the city that I’m worried about. I’m worried about my citizens”

For more information on upcoming programs you can visit the Thomson Police Department Facebook page.

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