AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)– The Masters tournament is over for another year. Patrons and visitors have left the Garden city; and just like any good host it’s time to put Augusta back in order, starting with clean up.

“Typically you don’t see a lot of that we do a pretty good job of cleaning the city during that week all hands are usually on deck.” said District 1 Commissioner Jordan Johnson.

When you drive near Augusta National where patrons usually park, you’ll find trash in parking spaces and on the side the roads. You may see workers picking up event decorations; cleaning up the aftermath from Masters weekend.

Commissioner Jordan Johnson says this is a routine thing each year, but most importantly it’s making sure Augusta stays clean even after masters.

“We have a land fill, we have waste management who goes around and does those routine clean-ups as far as litter and debris pick up… all that stuff is done by the efforts of the Marshall department and code enforcement folks whose job it is to go out and clean the street.” said Johnson.

Along with that help, you also have community organizers like Gabriel Passen from Operation Clean City who is helping to keep Augusta beautiful.

“Obviously the Masters brings a huge number of people into Augusta and more than usual so we definitely have a little bit of a bigger mission following the Masters “ said Passen.

Passen says even though their mission is to keep Augusta clean especially for tourists, it’s much bigger than Masters and people littering.

“In any city you’re going to have  a little bit of a litter problem right, so we try to go out there and make sure our city looks the way we want it to look” said Passen

Commissioner Johnson also says they try to keep residents engaged and interested in keeping the city litter free, even providing a program on how to do so called “Keep Augusta Beautiful.”

Our job is to keep Augusta clean and to make sure litter is cleaned up from the side of the road, trash is picked up on time and that folks have the proper education to stop littering in Richmond County.” said Johnson.

The city of Augusta is also making sure to locate the areas near Augusta National that may have been littered with trash from patrons for them to clean up immediately.