AUGUSTA, GA. (WJBF)- Christ Community Health expands its healthcare services as they open a new clinic in Augusta’s medical district. Bria Smith has that story. 

Christ Community Health unveils another one of its branches of healthcare to people in the Augusta area and throughout the CSRA,

Another option for healthcare in Augusta; another place to give people a helping hand.

“Christ Community’s mission, from the beginning, has to provide those families in the community who don’t have insurance or have limited insurance, affordable care,” Director of Communications & Development at Christ Community Health Ron Skenes said.

Christ Community  offers a range of specialties, for people of all ages. 

“We have integrated behavioral health; so children no matter of any status, insurance status, immigration status are welcome to come and not only receive pediatric care from us, but we have a therapist on the floor and we also have consulting psychiatry which is a super limited resource in the underserved of our community,” Christ Community Health Pediatrician Dr. Charles Scarborough said.

The latest location:  a children’s clinic on  D’Antignac Street. 

“Pediatrics is just different, the way that we do check ups, the way we schedule and having a designated space that feels safe for kids– especially as we do a lot of integrated mental health into our healthcare here at Christ Community. Having a space that feels safe…,” Dr. Scarborough said.

Christ Community Health’s Director  Ron Skenes says this clinic’s impact will be huge. 

“Now, a mom who may’ve been coming here for a long time is comfortable with Christ Community and the care that we’re providing. So, now we’re able to provide tis dedicated clinic for their children so she’s just as comfortable bringing her children here as she’s grown to over the years,” Skenes said.  

Leaders and staff at Christ Community say they want to make sure that no one has to worry about when or how they’ll book their next medical appointment.