AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- With hundred of thousands of people out of work over the past year, businesses are now struggling to find employees.

It seems like everywhere you go you see help wanted and now hiring signs in business windows. There are plenty of jobs to be had, so why aren’t people going back to work?

Angela Swartz of Spherion staffing says when businesses began to open back up some people couldn’t work because of health or childcare reasons.

Now, she says there’s more to it.

“We have been over stimulated by our government. We have federal unemployment riders who are paying them more to stay home than to be out there working. I mean if you’re offering a salary that’s under $16 an hour, there’s just no reason to go to work. So it’s been a real challenge for several months now to fill job openings, to be quite frank,” explained Swartz.

She believes that people holding out for better paying job opportunities could further the conversation on increasing the Federal minimum wage, but until then, many businesses are offering incentives to get people back on the job.

“Georgia turned off or is going to turn off the federal rider at the end of June. We’ve seen an up tick in our applies because of that reason. Companies have been offering incentives such as sign on bonuses upwards of even two thousand dollars, for employees to come in and go to work.”

Those Federal Unemployment benefits aren’t expected to continue past September of this year.

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