Burke County homes destroyed from severe thunderstorms

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Burke County, Ga. (WJBF)- Major thunderstorms rolled through Burke County around 5 AM destroying homes in the Keysville area.

During this pandemic, the community has been helping out any way they can, and now this is just another hurdle we have to overcome.

At a time when we’re expected to stay in our homes, one family, who’s home was destroyed from the storm, found a way to give back.

Lt. Randall Norman with the Burke County Sheriff’s Office, spoke to the family.

“As a matter of fact,” says Lt. Norman, “the family is not picking up the pieces to their place because they are going to help another farmer on another part of town who’s fence is out and the cows are getting out.”

The high winds destroyed homes and downed power lines.

“Just down the road off of highway 80 there are several crews with different power companies that are out to ensure that places like this, this is considered a priority for them, so that when these lines are down they go ahead and cut the power to these locations,” says Lt. Norman.

The Sheriff’s Office is even stepping in to clear downed trees.

“Several of our crews from the sheriff’s office have issued chainsaws from the sheriff’s office, and so what happens is our guys respond to those calls for service, and we’ll try to cut some of those trees out of the way,” says Lt. Norman.

Storms are unpredictable and with a shelter in place issued, some families lost everything they had.

“This isn’t the only residence in Burke County that is down, but you got to think that those families that are living there, that’s all they have at that point in time, because we’re restricted to being at home, we’re restricted to self-quarantining ourselves at home and so now this family would have lost everything here,” says Lt. Norman.

He says this family luckily has another place for shelter, but they will be in contact with the family in case they need anything.

“Just know that we are going to all get through this. This isn’t the first time that we’ve ever been through something like this in the United States or anywhere else around the world,” says Lt. Norman.

Download the Burke County App or head to the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page. They will be continuously updating their information about downed trees at different intersections, clean ups, and road closures.

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