Burke County considers resolution for dual judicial circuit with Richmond County

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BURKE COUNTY, GA (WJBF) – Cost is playing a role in the decision to move forward with a judicial circuit between Richmond and Burke Counties – that would exclude Columbia County.

The resolution would include a cost analysis breaking down the fees associated with the split from Columbia County.

Augusta commissioners approved a resolution that would include a cost analysis, breaking down the fees associated with the split from Columbia County.

According to the bill, Burke County would pay 10 percent of the circuit’s expenses, compared to the 7 percent it currently pays.

Burke County Sheriff Alfonzo Williams said the cost of the split is a key factor in the process.

“Our taxpayers are concerned about costs and we’re concerned about costs. As our budgets get tighter and we’re expected do more with less we don’t want to incur any additional costs by being moved to an another circuit,” Williams said.

Williams said keeping Burke and Richmond county judicial circuits together would help also maintain established relationships between judges and other officials.

“Not only with our judges, but the department of juvenile justice and mental health folks and crime labs. I think that its always important to have those relationships before a crisis that way we’re not getting to know one another after something happens,” Williams said.

Burke County commissioners have also approved the resolution with a unanimous vote.

It now heads to the Georgia General Assembly.

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