Bonded by Aplastic Anemia diagnosis, how Taylor Brown met Taylor Brown

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – An unlikely pair, learning about each other through this report shared nationwide…and learning they share a bond much deeper than having the same name.

Taylor Brown, from Tempe, Arizona says “I was like how is your Taylor? Oh, my Taylor is good!”

Jeff Brown, Taylor Brown’s dad says “Yeah, and in my email box it was two Jeff Browns, and I was like WOAH!”

Both Taylor Brown and the other Taylor Brown learned they both have a common name and the same rare condition-Aplastic Anemia. The only thing separating them… about 1900 miles. One here in Augusta the other in Arizona.

According to Dr. Vamsi-Kota, Director of Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplantation Program at the Medical College of Georgia, says “in simple terms Aplastic Anemia means that the bone marrow is not there or not producing enough and most often it’s because the immune system is overactive and tries to kill the bone marrow and that’s what happens in Aplastic Anemia.”

The Taylors also have the same brave attitudes…proving to themselves they are tough and determined to conquer their disorder.

Taylor Brown from Tempe, Arizona says “It seems pretty cheesy to say but if I can get through this, I can get through anything.”

Taylor Brown from Augusta, Georgia says “I can say the same thing. I was sort of like I needed to know everything that was going on with me because if they brought in a new medicine, I’d be like What is that?…you know?”

Taylor Brown, in Augusta, recently underwent stem cell treatment which is a normal process treatment of Aplastic Anemia. It was donated by her little sister.

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Jeff Brown, Taylor Brown’s dad says “…her sister named Alexis happened to be a perfect match, so she was her donor. So, not only did Taylor’s life get flipped upside down so, did Alexis.”

Both dads, who are also named Jeff Brown, have been with their daughters every step of the way.

Jeff Brown from Tempe, Arizona says “…it’s definitely (voice breaks) you know? You learn a lot and I remember just like you Taylor I was on top of the doctors, and I was probably their worst person to see when they were doing their rounds. Every detail I wanted to know.”

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