Biden supporters take to the streets in Columbia County

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Martinez, GA (WJBF) – People who want to elect presidential candidate and Vice President Joe Biden gathered to show their support on his run for the White House. This comes after a few CSRA events supporting President Donald Trump and his campaign.

About 100 people and 50 cars came out for a Biden car parade. Everyone who showed up was excited to be Ridin’ for Biden.

“I just wanted to support the Biden Harris campaign locally,” said Agnes Norton, who attended the parade.

With parades supporting President Trump happening all over the nation, organizer Curtis Fease said he wanted to give local Biden supporters the chance do the same.

“If they want to go out and do their parades and show what they love, that’s fine. We’ll do the same thing,” explained Fease.

Cars were decked out in Biden Harris flags and signs as well as signs supporting other political candidates. Candidate for District Attorney, Jared Williams was also in attendance.

“I think anyone who wants to support their candidate should get out there and lift their voice. And we have to learn to work as one community. And all the partisan politics, really at the end of the day, we just need to do what’s right and vote for the people who are best for our community,” said Williams.

Those who attended the parade said they are encouraged by the record early voting.

“I have great hope that he’s gonna win this, because I believe in the United States and I believe there are more good people out there wanting culture change instead of the hate we’ve seen over the last four years,” Norton said.

Fease: “I think it gives me hope, because typically early voting tends to favor Democrats, as does mail in voting. And I think that’s a lot of the reason why some Republican leaders try to stop it and hinder it so much.”

Organizers knew the Biden parade would likely be smaller than the Trump parades have been, but felt they needed to have one anyway.

“We want to let people know that we’re here. We have just as much support for our guy. And, you know, if someone sees us along the way and just know that they’re not alone here,” said Fease. “They’re not just this tiny blue dot in a red sea, then that makes us happy. And hopefully it’ll get people to engage and remind them to go vote early.”

Organizers encourage all registered voters to go ahead and vote early, or to make sure they get out and vote on November 3.

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