Augusta subcommittee could complicate Gold Cross negotiations

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Augusta, Ga (WJBF)    When it comes to talks with Gold Cross Augusta city leaders believe there is strength in numbers, however this could give the public a front row seat to any negotiations.

Commissioner Sean Frantom says having five members in talks with  Gold Cross is too clever by half, because under the Georgia open meetings law the talks would have to be held in a public meeting.

“It would absolutely have to be and that’s why I really wanted to see the administrator in legal just meet with Gold Cross,” said Commissioner Frantom.

The  Administrative Services recommending  the sub-committee made up of commissioners Hasan, Sias, Dennis Williams, Clarke  and Garrett, the Mayor Pro-Tem making  the  motion to have  five of the ten commissioners involved.

“We want everybody to hear exactly what’s going on and how we arrive at new prices when we do negotiations,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Williams.

Gold Cross is expected to ask for an increase to  the 650 thousand dollar  a year subsidy it now gets from the city.

“I expect it will be 900 thousand to a million just kind of ball parking it based on what I’ve heard,” said Commissioner Frantom.

So these would be big dollar negotiations would be open to the public, if the  full commission approves having the sub-committee take part in negotiations.

“I don’t think we need to have a committee look at this the commission does not negotiate other contracts with people that is not our jobs,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

But others have no problem having  negotiations in public.

“That way the citizens of Augusta Richmond County would know exactly what is taking place there is no Oz behind the green curtain,” said Commissioner John Clarke.  

Now some commissioners believe the city attorney and administrator should handle any negotiations they believe when it comes to talks with Gold Cross five is a crowd in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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