AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF) – The Augusta Boathouse is located on the Savannah River, and it serves as a homebase for the Augusta Rowing Club. We got a chance to stop by, meet the team, and even head out on the water to get a better understanding of why the sport is growing in popularity and to hear from some of the club’s members.

Rowing is known as a full body sport and is something people of all ages can do. “Once you get to be 12-14 and you’re big enough to carry your part of the boat, you can row for a lifetime,” says club President Kirsten Aylward, “I have rowers here that are age 12 and I have rowers that are in their mid 70s.”

The Augusta rowing club attracts people of all ages, but the club’s head coach says he loves seeing families come row together. “I think in that regard, the best thing I’ve seen is when juniors would start rowing and their parents had no idea about rowing,” says Head Coach Chris Moore, “the kids would row a couple of seasons and then the parents would get involved, then it’s a family thing instead of just the kids being involved.

Rowing is an incredible workout, but it’s also a great place to make friends and build community. “I’ve been rowing for about 2 years and a month or two, and I love rowing because of the community and the drive you have to have,” says rower Kaylee Nichols, “I haven’t had as much team spirit as I’ve had in rowing, so we’re just like a huge family here.”

If you are interested in learning to row, you can check out or visit their social media pages… or…. you can go see Coach Chris!

“If you’re interested in trying it out, feel free to come down anytime,” says Coach Moore, “you can ride in the launch with me a couple of times and see if you like it, and we can work you into the boat!”

The Boathouse is located at 101 Riverfront Drive in Augusta, GA 30901.