AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– The election clock has been set again and the countdown is on for the Augusta-Richmond County runoffs. Stacy Pulliam and Von Pouncey will be on the ballot for the District 2 race.

On election day, Pulliam claimed just under 46 percent of the vote and Pouncey claimed just over 14 percent.

We asked both candidates their top to-do items if elected in the runoff.

“Blight reduction, infrastructure improvements, and reliable transportation,” Pulliam said.

“People development, business development, and economic development,” Pouncey said.

Blight is an issue that has been on the minds of both residents and current commissioners. In fact, last year, the commission passed a blight ordinance.

“Making sure that we adhere to that, but also taking it a step further and getting more state involvement as well. That way we are able to do things past a local level,” Pulliam said.

“I want to first look at how well that plan is working and tweak it if necessary, add to it, and keep following up to make sure we are staying consistent with our process,” Pouncey said.

Crime is another hot button issue that has been a focal point for residents and candidates in all races. 

“Work with those people that are already in place. With the Marshal’s department, with the sheriff’s department. Making sure that we are all working together,” Pulliam said.

“The first thing we need to do to address crime is to get to the root of the problem, which is the people, and figure out what are the needs that are not being addressed that are causing them to act in that particular way,” Pouncey said.

Early voting starts June 13th, and Election Day is June 21.