AUGUSTA, Georgia (WJBF) — Masters Week 2022 is quickly upon us, and the Augusta Regional Airport (AGS) is preparing for an influx of visitors by implementing parking protocols, introducing new amenities, and offering more direct flights through Delta and American Airlines.

In addition to the destinations that are regularly covered, which include Washington D.C., Dallas, Charlotte, and Atlanta, Delta and American Airlines will offer additional direct flights to and from Augusta during the week of the Masters.

This year’s itinerary includes direct service to and from New York, Miami, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, and Austin, which is a first for AGS.

In addition to more direct flights, The Masters generates significant numbers of “for hire” ground transportation operators that are not normally permitted at the Airport.

According to the press release, as part of AGS’ curb enforcement operation and for equitable business practices, these operators will be required to pay (by credit or debit card) a nominal trip fee of $2.00, and will be directed to a designated parking lot adjacent to the main terminal building.

Airport permitted or year-round “for hire” commercial ground vehicle operators will continue to operate as normal.

The release also states that these protocols extend to “for profit” enterprises that enter the premises for the sole purpose of picking up passengers i.e. taxies, limousines, hotel/motel shuttle services, hospitality transportation services, etc.

“As the primary aviation gateway to Augusta, we are diligently preparing for the 2022 Masters and excited for the prospects of a full event,” said Herbert L. Judon Jr., Airport Executive Director. “ Albeit a very busy time, we are privileged to provide facilities and services for our visitors as well as local customers who choose to take advantage of the expanded Masters Week flight offerings.”

Officials say that as part of the Airport’s “Advancing. Growing. Stronger” (AGS) Campaign, this year customers will experience many upgrades such as the recently renovated baggage claim area and automated exit lane equipment.

Masters Week will take place April 4th-11th.