Augusta Department of Labor office still closed, some wait weeks with no response

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AUGUSTA, GA ( WJBF) — For weeks, some residents say they’ve been calling the Augusta Department of Labor office, but have gotten no response.

” I’ve called myself many times to see if I could get someone and it sends you to another recording or it says hold on someone will be with you. I’ve literally waited on the phone just to see how long and it was over two hours and no response,” Darryl Brooks said.

Unemployment claims now piling up as the downtown office remains closed.

” We need to know what’s going on. If they have something in place let the people know what’s going on. There are people really hungry and suffering right now and losing their homes and there’s no answer,” Brooks said.

Its a problem that’s been seen statewide.

” Georgia is not alone in this, I know it feels like it sometimes, but every state has had similar issues because these unemployment systems were, frankly, not invested in for so many years and then were overwhelmed,” Robin Carnahan, President Biden’s nominee to be the Administrator of the federal General Services Administration said.

State leaders said outdated technology has caused widespread processing delays.

Sen. Jon Ossoff now committing to helping the Georgia department of labor upgrade their systems.

” I think its GSA’s responsibility to try and work on that,” Carnahan said.

We reached out the department of labor in Augusta and haven’t heard back.

People now still searching for answers and still waiting to be heard.

“I’m hoping that someone will respond and do something about the unemployment and the people because they need the help,” Brooks said.

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