AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Buildings at Azalea Park Apartments are still charred from fires months ago.

Tuesday, Augusta firefighters responded to another fire that broke out in the walls of Building P. Seven families were displaced. It is the fourth building fire at the complex since 2020.

“When I first moved here, it was a little rough,” Debbie Demmons, who lives at Azalea Park, said. “But, they tried to get us some security. They’ve tried everything they can.”

Augusta Fire & EMA is investigating how the fire started. An inspection in December shows exposed wiring needed to be repaired in Building P. Smoke detectors needed to be installed as well.

“Our code enforcement department is keeping a good eye on them,” Dennis Williams, Augusta-Richmond County’s District 2 Commissioner, said.

Code Enforcement inspected the property in December and October 2021. It found dozens of violations, filling 159 pages of documents. Buildings were “infested with vermin, roach, rat or termites.” Other structures were condemned and deemed “unsafe” and “unfit for human habitation.”

“They have made some improvements,” Williams said. “It’s still not up to par.”

Former and current tenants at at Azalea Park told NewsChannel 6 they began noticing issues when a new owner bought the property. Williams, who represents the district the complex is located in, says he noticed this as well.

“It’s an area we have had difficulty with. A lot of outside management firms are coming in, buying the apartment complexes, not really doing anything and taking advantage of low-income people.”

Code Enforcement documents show the property owner was required to “bring the property to compliance” within 30 days or risk losing its business license. When it did not meet that deadline, the commission granted an extension until December 31, 2021. Revoking the license would have resulted in tenants losing their homes. Williams says the commission will be updated on the status of improvements soon.

“One thing the community can be rest assured is we’re looking out for their welfare, and improvements are being made.”

NewsChannel 6 reached out to the property owner, Sureste Property Group, for comment by email. The email was not delivered because the email address listed on the company’s website was invalid. Calls to the complex’s leasing office were not returned.