AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — With the click of a button, people can now see their doctors and get treated for illnesses. It can all be done on Augusta University Health’s app — AU Virtual Health Care.

“This is what millennials and younger people are wanting — whether it’s healthcare, delivery or the way they shop for clothes,” Lauren Williams, Augusta University’s Director of Population Health, says. “It’s online, fast and easy. Healthcare is no different.”

The app was launched to screen for COVID-19 when the pandemic began in March. Months later, it is being expanded to treat patients battling all types of illnesses. Patients can also be referred to specialists or primary care physicians throughout Georgia.

“These providers are within our emergency department. If they think you are exhibiting severe signs or symptoms, they’re going to advise you to come into the ER.”

Telemedicine has become extremely important in the age of COVID-19, allowing people to get treated without having to go into a doctor’s office or hospital where they risk getting infected or infecting others.

“By using this application, it’s going to help eliminate your widespread exposure to COVID-positive patients if you have not been confirmed COVID-positive.”

As COVID-19 cases spike, Augusta’s hospitals are being flooded with patients.

“It has caused a stress on the system to the point where we have had to cancel elective procedures,” Dr. Phillip Coule, AU Health System’s Chief Medical Officer, said. “Most, if not all, of the area hospitals are at capacity.”

The worsening crisis has made AU’s app key in keeping patients healthy, and helping hospitals serve those most in need of emergency care.

How to use app

Make appointment by downloading the app or visiting

Insurance accepted or pay $49.95 fee