At home stretches to help you get back on your feet

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AUGUSTA,Ga. (WJBF)- With gyms closed and events cancelled a local physical therapist says there are some things you can do to stay active.

Otis Clark is a Physical Therapist at PT Solutions, he tell NewsChannel 6’s Ashley Flete about some stretches you can do at home. These stretches are critical to how you get back on your feet when it comes time to go back to our day to day activities.

“You would be amazed at how quickly muscles decondition.”

Clark says we as human beings we are conditioned to be able to move consecutively and freely.

“One would be a nice Gastroc calf stretch, that’s always important. I would show them a couple of ways of doing squats. One with a narrow base of support and one with a wide base of support.”

It takes a persons body time to pick up strength but if that movement is not consistent,it can take just a few days to loose.

Taking some time to do some of these stretches will help in getting a goodnight’s sleep and even help relieve some tension and or stress.

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