Aiken, S.C. (WJBF)- Local creatives filled the streets of downtown where they sold handmade and original items.

It’s a time for crafters to showcase their work, but beyond that, it’s even a time for local artists to showcase the talent the city of Aiken has to offer. 

“With Aiken’s Makin’ is great because there are people from all over the state– as well as Georgia– who come out and support the local economy and people who have put a lot of effort into their craft,” Grace Anne Martin said.

Aiken’s Makin’ has made its 47th return to the streets of downtown Aiken. 

“Aiken’s Makin is the biggest platform for crafters, and they do come from everywhere,” Whimsical Wreaths Owner Karen Clayton said.

Folks who are from near and far say it’s something they always look forward to. 

“I’m from Columbia, South Carolina but I was living in Aiken and this has been something that’s been special the past years I was living here. So, I had to come back to experience it again,” Martin said.  

But the thing Grace Anne Martin says she appreciates is the “local” aspect. 

“It’s always neat to see the community come out So, first you can run into your neighbor or your coworker, so I feel like it always brings the community together in that way. But then you get people from all different areas coming in and getting to support that local economy versus the big corporate places, to get something that has been handcrafted. It may have its imperfections, but it’s nice to have those imperfections to know that it’s handmade.” 

And business owners who started their journey on a whim, are glad that events like Aiken’s Makin exists. 

“During Covid, I started watching videos and to be able to do this with my daughter– it’s a blessing. It’s a lot of fun and being able to create something that wasn’t even there in the first place– it’s an honor to be here,” Clayton said.