Aiken County parents react to news of five day a week school

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Aiken County, SC (WJBF)- Monday night Aiken County superintendent King Laurence told Aiken County parents he made the decision to send all students back to school five days a week beginning on March 1st.

Immediately following the Superintendent’s announcement, Aiken County parents took to social media to voice their opinions—-and the reaction was mixed.

“I’m actually thrilled with that decision. I never really understood the logic of the four day a week decision anyway. I’m a single working mom and so I end up sending my daughter to a program on Fridays instead of her just being around her classmates she would normally be around,” said Emilie Halvorsen, an Aiken County parent.

Halvorsen said she worries that having her child in that extra program on Fridays puts her more at risk than just staying in her classroom at school. She said she believes Superintendent King Laurence’s decision wasn’t an easy one and that parents have to do what is best for their family.

“You know, ultimately I think that parents have to make that decision because everybody has a different situation at home. They may have an elderly person living with them or someone who is higher risk,” Halvorsen said.

Danielle Robinson disagrees with the decision. Her concern is for faculty and staff.

“I feel it is a bit irresponsible and it seems like an irresponsible pivot. So you’re giving teachers one week to prepare, first off,” said Robinson. “And the majority of the teachers who are in our school system aren’t eligible for vaccinations yet. That would be my main concern.”

Robinson said she thinks the back and forth is not helpful for students or teachers.

“And at this point, it’s more difficult for people to pivot. As difficult as it is to find childcare–I’m a single mother myself–you can’t expect people to operate on a week by week basis. And it’s easier to plan for something that’s difficult, rather than live in fear of the next robo call or email.”

Again, all face to face students in Aiken County will be reporting to school five days a week beginning March 1st. This decision does not impact Aiken Innovate students.

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