Aiken, SC (WJBF)- On January 26th, the Aiken County School Board will vote on changes to the school calendar. This vote comes after more than 4,000 parents filled out a survey expressing what they want to see happen.

After months of research, parent surveys and town hall meetings, Superintendent King Laurence will present his recommendation to the school board. He is expected to recommend that it pass for the 2022-2023 school year.

After the presentation the School Board will discuss options, then take a vote.

Chairman of the Board, Dr. John Bradley, said he expects the modified calendar to pass.

“But if it’s something that the majority of the people want, then I’m not going to stand in its way. I mean I’m here to serve the people and if this is what the people want then that’s what I’ll do,” he said.

With the overwhelming teacher and parent support, the board is likely to pass it, but it’s up in the air which year it will start. Dr. Bradley said he’s not convinced it’s a good idea to start in the 2022-2023 school year.

“I think that we’re rushing it. And I don’t think we’re in the position to do a very good job of implementing this thing next school year. The position that I’ve taken is that I’m going to listen to the people and I’m going to do what the majority of the people want done,” Dr. Bradley explained.

If passed, classes would start two weeks early with two week breaks at the end of each quarter.

Superintendent Laurence says summer programs should still go on, likely for five days a week instead of four.

The public board meeting is at 6 pm at the Board Of Education headquarters on 1000 Brookhaven Drive in Aiken.