13th birthday celebration for boy who was electrocuted at Fleming Park

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AUGUSTA, Ga. – It was a day of fun to celebrate Melquan Robinson Jr.’s life, but emotions were high knowing this would be his family’s first birthday without him.

“It just use to be a dream, and I wish it could last for a long time if he come back,” says Jaden Jackson, Melquan’s Brother.

“It’s sad that he’s not here, but he’s with us regardless whether in spirit or physical,” says Eddra Martin, Melquan’s Step Grandmother.

What would have been Melquan Robinson’s 13th birthday party was celebrated at Apple Valley Park. That’s the area where Melquan was born and raised in.

Family members, friends, and even community members that were touched by his story came out to continue his legacy.

“I know my son would be real happy today. Today is one of his let him tell it one of his turn up days. I know he sees all his friends out here, see people that aren’t even…some of the people like I said he don’t even know, but I know he would be real, very, very, very happy to be here today. I know he would be,” says his father, Melquan Robinson Sr.

It has been a tough time for Melquan’s family after the 12-year-old died from an electrocution in Fleming Park.

“We’re just making it. I guess. If that’s what you can say. We’re just making it, ” says Melquan Sr.

Melquan’s loved ones celebrating his special day with food, games, music, and his favorite player- Michael Jordan inspired decoration.

“He loves Michael Jordan. Just period. Then when he was able to start his sportings, he wanted to chose the #23,” says Melquan Sr.

And that’s the number they all wore to honor him. Majoritiy of the people there also wearing customized shirts plastered with Melquan’s big smile. They say the 12-year-old was a loving, happy, humble, and motivated person.

“He was very unique. He had his own swag, you know what I mean? He was a very smart young man, very manner-able, and he always respected everybody you know? He’s always been like that. He was brought up well,” says Eddra Martin.

If Melquan’s family could tell him anything on his birthday it would be these words.

“I love you, and I wish I could spend the rest of my life with you,” says Jaden Jackson.

“I love you, I’m glad you made it to another year… *gets emotional*,” says Melquan Sr.

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