Taxes are due in a few weeks, find out how Rhodes-Murphy can help

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Rhodes Murphy is a paid advertiser of The Dish.

Taxes are due in a few weeks and Rhodes-Murphy joins Ana in this segment of The Dish tell you how they can help.

More about Rhodes Murphy:

Rhodes-Murphy & Co was founded in the early sixties by Aubrey Rhodes Sr.

Of the many shareholders who were involved in the start up of Rhodes-Murphy & Co notables include Tom Murphy, Bob Rhodes, Virginia Rhodes, Gene Coleman, MC Poss and Zane D. Christopher Sr. In 1980 Aubrey Rhodes Sr. passed away and at that time Jimmy Rhodes was elected President. The Board of Directors at that time consisted of Zane D. Christopher Sr., Virginia Rhodes and Aubrey Rhodes Jr. Upon becoming President Jimmy Rhodes modified and enhanced the income tax school which enabled the company to attract potential employees.

Over the years, Rhodes Murphy has created a positive work environment, in which all employees are treated like family. Rhodes Murphy hires and train employees to accurately prepare individual, corporate, and (all) state returns. Other services that Rhodes Murphy has introduced are bookkeeping, tax analysis, and IRS letter correspondence. Although management of the company has changed hands, Rhodes Murphy has consistently kept the same model for over forty years, provide a quality service and always give exceptional customer service. Rhodes Murphy’s experience gives them a tremendous advantage in being able to offer the kinds of services where complete customer confidence is an importance issue. Where we stand out from other companies in their sector is their ability to cross sell the products that we have established in their separate divisions to their loyal customer base and maintain the same high quality of customer service that has been in existence since the early 1960’s. Rhodes Murphy has annually supported local charities and community functions, and will remain to be a staple in their community and the lives of all of their customers.

Rhodes Murphy is a paid advertiser of The Dish.

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