Megan and Brian Pruitt tell us about their Date Night In Box in this segment of The Dish.

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Local Couple Launches Date Night In Subscription Box Service to Celebrate and Grow Love

Aiken, SC- Two Aiken residents are taking the work out of planning a date night out and will deliver a custom Date Night In experience to your front door. Aikens’ newest start-up, Date Night It, is a monthly subscription box service that focuses on offering an interactive activity, ambiance, and a delicious snack to enjoy during your custom curated date. The monthly subscription box service is for anyone who wants to invest in their relationship with their partner or give a great gift.

Date Night In’s creators, Megan & Brian Pruitt are no stranger to life getting busy. With a two-year-old, second baby on the way, busy careers and lack of a babysitter, they found themselves creating date night experiences that didn’t require them to leave the house. After sharing some of their dates on social media, the demand to mass produce the dates was heard and Date Night In was created.

“When life gets busy one of the first things we tend to neglect is our relationship with our partner.” Megan Pruitt said. “As a new parent, your priorities completely change but it is critical to continue dating your partner at any age and stage of your relationship”

Brian Pruitt added, “I found when we purposely set out time to invest in our relationship and take a minute to reconnect we were better partners, parents, and individuals.”

Each monthly box contains four to six items that circle around that month’s theme, which includes dates like; Game Night, Truth/Dare & Karaoke, Fall In Love and much more.

“We are finding many people are purchasing our Date Night In Box for gifts like baby showers, engagement parties, wedding gifts, and, anniversary parties,” said Megan Pruitt. “We do the work in making sure the items in the box create a memorable experience and provide each couple with a fun date.”

Date Night In boxes can be purchased at One-month, three-month, and six-month subscriptions are available, with boxes starting at $34.99.