University Hospital makes their own PPE’s to be Stronger Together

Stronger Together

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – University Hospital found a way to be Stronger Together. There’s been a shortage of PPE’s. So, employees put their creative minds to work to make their own supply.

It’s a full body gown that comes in a bag delivered to staff. Thousands are made in just one week.

A global crisis turned to a safety crisis for hospitals. They had questions that needed immediate solutions.

VP Community Services for University Health Care System, Laurie Ott, says, “we need isolation gowns. How can we get them? We can’t purchase them anymore. What if we have to make our own?”

So, that’s just what they did.

They cut, they folded, and they sealed 20,000 gowns. Their end goal is 5 times the amount they have now. All by September 1st.

Printing Service Manager for University Health Care System, Diane Stuart, says, “you know where there’s a need, we just jumped right in and tried to come up with an idea.”

Diane Stuart is the Manager of the operation, but she didn’t originally start out that way.

“I’m the manager of the print shop that prints the forms and the flyers for everything in the hospital, but right now, we’ve kind of moved our shop over here,” says Stuart.

University Hospital found a way to keep all of their employees on the clock.

“No one has been laid off, no one has been furloughed. We have been able to keep employees working here at University on this project and helping them get their hours,” says Ott.

One of those employees is Moronica Carter. She used to be a respiratory therapist and knows quite well the importance of isolation gowns.

“The quality of the gowns that we are making, just as good as the ones that were being purchased in the past. A lot stronger. A lot more protective. So, it makes me feel good to know that they are going to be protected,” says Carter.

From every plastic sheet, to the hands that put them into a bag, they are forever grateful to keep not just their colleagues but also the patients safe… And stocked.

“It’s a pretty cool feeling to know that you’re really helping in a pandemic. You’ve got a real input, a personal input, you’ve touched something that can be saving life,” says Stuart.

The gowns can just rip right off for safety, so there is less contact.

You can help the University Hospital staff for a temporary position in making PPE’s. The position is 20 hours a week, and it is paid. To apply CLICK HERE.

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