SWAINSBORO, Ga. (WJBF) – A masked crusader in Swainsboro is helping the people there stay stronger together.

Teddy Braswell was born and raised in Swainsboro and is an avid cosplayer. What started as a photo shoot turned into a chance to brighten people’s day.

“Basically, I came and was doing a photoshoot out here for Spider-Man and I told my mom, because she takes all my pictures, ‘I’m going to go over here and wave at traffic’, I guess. I saw people smiling and taking pictures and everything. So, I thought this might be a good idea to keep doing cause it doesn’t cost money.”

Weather permitting, Teddy can be found on the corner of Main Street waving to cars as they pass by. Most of the time you’ll see him dressed as Spider-Man, but he’s been known to don some other outfits he’s made.

“With my Batman stuff and my armor and stuff like that, I’ll make it.”

You may not be able to see superheroes at the movies right now, but if you’re in Swainboro you won’t have to go to far to find your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

“If you wanna laugh you can laugh, if you wanna wave you can wave. It really doesn’t matter to me. I’m having fun. I just see me as dressing up as Spider-Man, I don’t see it as doing heroic things or anything. I’m just making people smile.”