HARLEM, Ga. (WJBF) – A mother and daughter in Harlem have a big reason to celebrate.

Camille Rodgers and Sara Rodgers are now “sister queens” for 2020-2021.

Sara has been competing in pageants for three years and has already won more than five Miss Georgia titles, has just won her second national title and has competed internationally. Sara has also been selected to walk in New York Fashion Week.

“Honestly it’s so big because I’ve always been more interested in pageants, I’ve really gotten into modeling,” said Sara.

She convinced her mother to compete and after six pageants her mother has a few wins of her own.

“I’m kind of her coach, which…I don’t have a coach right now, but basically coach just tells you how to walk, like different things on how to make your walk better. I kinda like bossing her around because she does that a lot to me and I get to do it to her now,” said Sara.

Recently the pair won the national Miss Reigning America making them the first mother daughter duo win the that title.

“We were the first mother daughter duo to win for national Miss Reigning America as the mother daughter duo in history. They have not had a mother daughter team to win and so that’s a remarkable thing,” said Camille.

One thing is for certain, doing these pageants has brought this mother daughter duo closer together.

“Knowing that I had won with her was pretty amazing, to be able to have something that she and I can share that is very much her passion and being able to share that with her and to have something that’s historical for the pageant system as well,” said Camille.