Edgefield Memorial Park gets built brick by brick

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EDGEFIELD, SC. (WJBF) – You can help honor our nations heroes.

In Edgefield, people are building a new Veterans Memorial Park brick-by-brick.

“The white bricks represent the people from this county, around 89 people that did not come back during World War 1 and 2, the Korean War and the Vietnam war. Also it represents the P.O.W.’s who sacrificed and did come back,” said Retired Command SGT. Major Doug Timmerman.

The park, located across the street from the South Carolina Army National Guard Complex and already features a battle tank, the American flag, and a whole lot of history.

“It’s important to represent our past so we’ll know where we’re going in the future. It gives the younger generation…a lot of times they’re not educated on what did happen…it gives them the opportunity to come out and look at the bricks, those who have sacrificed the ultimate and those who have served in the military some respect and education,” said Timmerman

Bricks can be purchased to honor any veteran or anyone who supported veterans in time of war.

To do so, please make checks payable to American Legion Post 30, designate checks for “Edgefield Veterans’ Memorial Park”, and mail them to American Legion Post 30 PO Box 30 Edgefield, S.C. 29824


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