Edgefield County residents start elderly support project

Stronger Together

EDGEFIELD COUNTY, S.C. (WJBF) – One silver lining to be found during the pandemic is seeing how many people are coming together to help those in need.

In Edgefield County, a group of men and women have been meeting to cook and deliver meals to the elderly members of the community.

They’ve also been putting together care packages from items donated by people in the CSRA.
What was once a small group has grown and now includes several volunteers from all over the county proving that we’re stronger together.

“It went from one to two…two to four…four to eight…the list just kept growing. We started reaching out to see if there were other people in Edgefield County that needed some assistance or needed some help. And that’s kind of how this thing got started.”

“We just make it work, and nobody’s thinking about what it’s going to cost. We just make it work,” says organizer Calvin Henderson. “We make it work, and I wish everybody out there in the CSRA could come to little Edgefield County and see how we’re making this work up here. We’re a little town, but a whole lot of heart.”

If you’re interested in helping, products can be dropped off at Edgefield Town Hall or you can call Calvin Henderson at 803-480-1255


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