Augusta, G.A. (WJBF) – A kitten stuck in a storm drain is safe, thanks to the help of the community.
Earlier this week, Augusta resident Becca Gulino was scrolling Facebook when she saw a post on a local pet rescue page about a kitten spotted in a drain off Montrose Court.

She decided to call in friends to help the animal. They found the kitten about 10 feet down the drain and stuck even farther in the back of a tunnel. Even though they could see the kitten, it was too far to reach.

Gulino and her team set up a trap early Monday, but they didn’t have any luck with saving the cat until Tuesday night.

“I heard a little squeak,” Gulino said. “And that’s when I realized – after 2 days, about 6 traps, and about 20 something people coming out – we finally had a kitten in a trap. So I called someone out there to come help me get the kitten out … and it’s just been a snuggly little baby since.”

A neighbor took the cat to the vet Wednesday morning. The kitten will stay in foster care until it is old enough to be adopted.

Gulino says the rescue effort was a good way to get people’s minds off recent social tension and other current events.

“There were about 20 volunteers, 2 local businesses, and a whole bunch of people all coming together, willing to get into a dirty crowded sewer to save the life of a kitten,” she said. “It was a good display of the community coming together despite the things that are happening in the world. People can kind of focus on the common ground of helping each other out.”