Wildcats embrace leadership entering new era


AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – No matter what level of competition you’re at winning takes a full team effort, from top to bottom as it starts with the coaches and trickles down to the players and to win there has to be structure.

Former Greenbrier player Rashad Dunn, who has coached in Mississippi and Louisiana but has now returned back to the CSRA with the whistle and he’s bringing that culture and mentality to Laney.

“I just feel like I can be a better leader to help my team out and everything is going fine so far. I’m helping them teaching them like the things, I didn’t have as a freshmen sophomore and the things we have now so I’m trying to put them a step ahead than I was when I was a freshman,” said junior running back Jordan Springer.

“What happens is you see these guys and you want to emulate what they do and that’s what we’re trying to build at Laney is we have a core group of guys and we’re trying to teach those guys specifically myself trying to teach those guys how to be role models and how to do this thing the right way,” said head coach Rashad Dunn.

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