The “Schreyon”-Man: A new family tradition


AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – Dad’s are often their children’s first teacher and sometimes their first coach.

Felix Scheyer is a senior at the Academy of Richmond County and his dad, Kevin is the Musketeers cross country coach. Like most father and son duo’s they share a common interest.

” He does a good job in school and goes to cross country practice and then we train for the half ironman,” said Kevin.

Kevin has ran the annual Augusta Ironman for the past 10 years, something that his son Felix has watched him do since he was seven years old.

“It really didn’t hit until I jumped into that water,”said Felix. “I’ve been training for this race my whole life and I’d see him run by and I will be like, man I just want to do that and it’s kind of surreal to have done it .”

So before he heads off to college, Felix wanted to live out one of his life long dreams of competing in a half-ironman or, as he calls it a ‘Scheyeron-man’ with his dad.

“It’s always been a dream and a goal of ours to do a half ironman together and he wasn’t able to do it because he’s only 17, so he just decided to it on his own so we came out here to do it,” said Kevin.

Starting before dawn on August 29th, Felix swam 1.2 miles, rode his bike 56 miles and ran 13.1 miles all with his father by his side.

” We were on a bike for 56 miles together so we just talked and it was kind of fun. We’ve been riding bikes together since he was a little kid and we just got a chance to spend some time together, so unbelievably proud and this is something that I’ll keep forever,” said Kevin.

When Felix reached the finish line, he was met with cheers from friends and family.

” I don’t know really, I can’t really put it into words just besides being here right now with these people that support me in doing the race and doing it with my dad it’s just unreal,” said Felix.

He was also gifted his father’s first Augusta Ironman medal from his dad, something that he’s always had his eye on.

” This was always one of my favorites because it was his first one, he put it on my shoulders after he finished his first one so wearing it again, it’s like seeing an old friend you know, it’s kind of like a hug from him. It means the world.”

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