AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- Jaylen Watson wears No. 35 on the Kansas City Chiefs roster, but before that he was No. 3 for the Lucy C. Laney Wildcats. 

“He came in very confident out of the gate. He let everybody know on notice that he was coming there to start, and he started on both sides of the ball as a quarterback and a wide receiver,” Coach Shilow Robinson said. 

Native to Augusta, Watson transferred from Curtis Baptist School his senior year– where he transformed into the player he is today.

“His first game at Laney, he caught a touchdown against Aquinas, and he went directly to the news camera, and he started doing the Douggie and he was still doing the Douggie and there were flags coming from everywhere,” Robinson.

Coaches say some of those memories of him at Lucy C. Laney Stadium, can now be seen on the NFL field.

“Jaylen contributed a lot with interceptions, you see that on the field now on the pro level, just getting the interception each week. That’s big. He ran a 99-yard interception, that was big. So, it kinda started when he was at Laney getting the interceptions,” Coach Tracy Mims said.

Both coaches credit Watson for his talent, skill and hard work. As they continue to lead young boys in the CSRA, the coaches tell NewsChannel 6 they’re glad sports can teach them as well.  

“Believe in yourself and you can make it. If your goal is to make it to the NFL, you can take a look at Jaylen. His goal was to make it to the NFL– the road wasn’t straight, but he made it,” Mims said.