To say that a team had no answer for an opponent in a matchup would often imply that the game featured some form of back-and-forth on both sides of the ball. But in Penn State’s dominant 31-0 victory over Iowa on Saturday, the Hawkeyes’ final stats were so insane that it was almost hard to believe.

While Iowa pulling off the upset would have certainly been a bit of a surprise, nothing like what played out on the field could be considered “normal” in the college football world. Here’s a brief breakdown of some stats that were tough to try to compare.

  • Iowa had the same number of turnovers as first downs (four)
  • Penn State scored just two more points than Iowa had offensive plays (31 to 33)
  • Penn State had more rushing attempts (57) than Iowa had passing yards (56)
  • Iowa’s total rushing yards (20) were nearly matched on one rush by Penn State running back Nicholas Singleton (19 yard long)
  • Iowa had six total fumbles (four lost)
  • Penn State QB Drew Allar nearly had as many passing attempts (37) as Iowa QB Cade McNamara had passing yards
  • Iowa posted a total of 20 rushing yards on 17 attempts (0.8 yards per attempt)

As you can guess, fans all across the college football world weren’t thrilled after sitting through the brutal offensive performance by Iowa offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz’s group.