ATLANTA (WJBF) – Bulldawg nation fans packed Atlanta as the dawgs took on Alabama Crimson Tide at the SEC Championship game at Mercedes Benz Stadium.

All eyes are on Georgia who have been undefeated this season.

Atlanta Bureau Chief, Archith Seshadri, has fan reaction and the economic impact from Mercedes Benz Stadium, in Atlanta.

This college football season is also a lot different than 2020 — with the stadiums filling up — and the game selling out.

“Firstly, I get chills bumps when I talk about the sec and we’re here to support them,” said UGA fan Bob McLeod.

“We do this every year — every time we come down here we have good time — the joy of following the dawgs,” said Chris Hollis.

“Well it’s always exciting to be here but this year I feel like it’s our year. We have been here before.”
But saban seems to pull out a rabbit but I think we have more rabbits this time,” said McLeod.

With easing covid restrictions, restaurants and bars also filled up with college football fans — plus a boost to the local economy.

“We know the hospitality industry– whether it’s hotels, restaurant, won’t come without these large sporting events. This is all great for the sports brand for Georgia and Atlanta,” said Kemberly Beaudin, President of the Hall of Fame.

With great weather, friends, families and football fans — tailgated away to support their favorite team.

“This is game number 9 so what does that tell you. I’ve been following the dawgs a long time,” said Hollis.

“We are here with football family. It’s nice to be with friends, family and eat, and be merry,” said McLeod.

The top 4 teams will play off on new years eve at the cotton bowl and Orange Bowl, and then the finals for the 2022 College Football Championship game will take place on January 10th in Indianapolis.