PathFinder: A story told by Kevin Emily


Graniteville, S.C. (WJBF) – Midland Valley’s head wrestling coach Kevin Emily has already taken their program to new heights in the teams 4 years in existence, Emily not only helped build the program but he’s even changing the wrestling history books.

Emily a former Division-I wrestler has a vast knowledge of wrestling that goes beyond the mat, in 2017 he published his first book named “Pathfinder”, a collection of short stories that help shine a light on the history of African American wrestlers.

“These individuals in that book I called it PathFinder, because they made their own path and they found their own way,” said Emily. “I’m a firm believer that everyone has a story to tell I just decided to tell as many stories as I could”.

Through hours of research and fact checking Emily has helped re-write multiple facts in history books; one of them being a mistake made by the governing body of wrestling regarding the first African wrestling champion.

“They had them winning the Olympics in 1960 And when I was doing my research I saw that this gentleman had actually won the Olympics in 1908 and then I checked the internet again they had changed it”.

Emily more recently wrote the autobiography of former NCAA 6-time champion Carlton Haselrig and is working on his 6th book but his focus is still to help create brighter futures for the young men he coaches.

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