NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF) – The Yellow Jackets are off to a buzzing start this season, and last week’s win keeps the good times rolling.

“That was awesome, especially because I set the record and I can talk trash to my brother,” said North Augusta senior kicker Jack Stevens.

He’s been on the varsity football team for the last 2 years, after being on the B-Team his freshman year, and JV his sophomore year.

That record Stevens is referring to is the most touchbacks in a single game.

The original record was set by his older brother, Drew, who played for the same program from 2018 to 2022. His record was 8 touchbacks, but Jack broke it with 10 after last week’s 63-21 win over South Aiken.

Since Drew graduated, he’s been playing at the next level for Kirk Ferentz and the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Jack says his brother has been hearing the news all week long, and the Hawkeye has mixed feelings about his little brother’s accomplishment.

“You know I’m happy for him, but I’d like for him to not touch any more of those (records) as a competitor. But as my brother, I hope he beats all of them,” said Stevens.

On top of that original record for most touchbacks in a single game, Stevens set 10 others during his time as a Yellow Jacket. They include:

  • Most Career Made Field Goals: 16
  • Most Made Field Goals from 40+ Yards: 6
  • Most Made Field Goals from 50+ Yards: 3
  • Most Games with Multiple Field Goals: 4
  • Most Touchbacks in a Single Season: 49
  • Most Touchbacks in Career: 57
  • Highest Touchback % in Career: 85%
  • Highest Field Goal % in Career: 73%
  • Most Field Goals in a Single Season: 9
  • Most Consecutive PAT: 68
  • Highest PAT % in Career: 94%

On top of these impressive stats, he holds region records for the most consecutive PATs, touchbacks in his career, touchbacks in a season, touchback percentage, and most field goals in a season.

So, the numbers speak for themselves.

Jack’s mom Michelle says competition runs deep in the family, but the lesson for Jack is to keep striving for greatness. “I think Tim and I really stress the importance of if you’re not working hard, there’s someone out there working harder. Even when you get an awards, you can be happy about it, but don’t be satisfied. Because when you become complacent and satisfied with things, you stop working.”

Tim is Michelle’s husband, and he played college football and basketball. Michelle did not play at the college level, but has a sports background as well.

With the competitive environment in their home, she says Jack chasing Drew’s record was inevitable. “We’re a very competitive family,” said Stevens. “So we had every confidence that Jack would chase some of Drew’s records. And we encourage competition in our household, so it didn’t surprise us that he broke one of them.”

Michelle hopes going forward that Jack will continue to work hard and improve himself, no matter what place of life he finds himself in. “I think that’s what really drives my kids to continue to improve. It’s fun, and you enjoy the moments of getting confirmation that what you’re doing is a good thing, but there’s always still room for improvement,” said Stevens. “We try to instill being hard workers, and it’s important to all of us to do that.”

As for Jack’s future, he has scholarship offers on the table, but has not committed to a school yet.

Jack says his top 5 choices are Troy, UNC-Charlotte, App State, South Dakota State, and Iowa.

In terms of his academics, he is undecided at the moment, but has thought about studying sports medicine and physical therapy.

Among his options, he is considering playing with his brother and becoming a Hawkeye, but has not decided yet.

His brother Drew says he wouldn’t mind seeing his little brother join him.

“His whole life he’s always wanted to be on the same team as me, and I’ve always wanted to play against him,” said Stevens.

“But in terms of what’s best for him, I feel like Iowa would be the best place. I feel like his ceiling is a lot higher than what people think it is, and I feel like Iowa maximizes the best potential for him to continue his career as a kicker.”

Michelle says she’d love to see her sons play together again, but it’s a decision that she will leave up to him.

“Of course it’s a parent’s dream to have their kids play together as long as possible. But we’ve just been encouraging Jack to make what’s important to you first.”

The Yellow Jackets play the Aiken in the Jacket’s Nest at 7:30 PM, and it gives Jack another opportunity to shine under the Friday Night Lights.