National Signing Day around the CSRA


Grovetown defensive end Simeon Barrow stuck with his first choice when it came time to commit on National Signing Day. Barrow signed with the Michigan State Spartans in front of an auditorium full of family and friends.

Barrow chose the Spartans over more than two dozen other offers from other Power 5 schools, mainly because Michigan State came calling first. He says the difference came down to MSU head coach Mark Dantonio making a visit to Barrow’s mother, who lives in New York.

“That, that it was a done deal after that, because I was kind of thinking about West Virginia at the time, but after that it was a done deal,” said Barrow. “And how family oriented they are, it was a good thing and I felt like it was home. And when I went up to visit, everybody treated me like I’m family already and yeah, it closed the deal,” he continued.

At Evans High School, Knights two-way player Chavez Trask signed to play at Temple University. Trask had several other DI offers on the table as well.

“Temple is a great place, you know academically it fits me,” said Trask. “Philly is a place with a lot of opportunities and I feel lik that’s where I want to be the next four years of my life. It makes me feel excited and happy to be in this and I’m thankful for God, you know, he allowed me to get to this place,” Trask continued. “I’m just looking forward to becoming a man and these are the first steps to walking into my life and my future and I’m just happy to be a part of it,” said Trask.

Aquinas star running back A.J. Williams is not only heading to play at the next level, he will serve his country as well. Williams made the decision prior to his senior year to play for Army. Williams racked up more than 1,400 yards and 14 touchdowns during his final two seasons with the Irish.

“The decision was easy because I knew the opportunities that I will have, just being able to help my country and being able to play football at the same time, that was just really what made me make the decision,” said Williams.

Williams’ parents are especially proud of his decision. “It means a lot, I know I made them proud, I know they are just ready to see me take the next step in my life and meet all the challenges and do good in life, that’s good to have them supporting me to,” said Williams.

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