AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF) -Jadyn Simpkins is not only a star football player at Midland Valley, but he also plays basketball and does track and field. Jadyn has been a big part of the Mustangs unprecedented success in football this year, but as a student in the top 20% of his class with a 4.1 GPA he is now being recognized for his hard work in the classroom as well. For his efforts Jadyn Simpkins has been named this week’s WJBF Scholar Athlete.

In addition to high school and multiple athletic activities, Jadyn is also enrolled at Aiken Technical College where he studies barbering and has won numerous awards for his skills. His parents say they are very proud of Jadyn’s hard work.

His mom Kortney says, “it’s an honor for him to get that recognition that is sometimes a little bit hidden,” and his dad Mario seconds that statement adding that “football is his passion, so we’re happy he’s being seen and recognized for all the hard work he’s put into it.

Jadyn credits his mom with helping him find success, saying that she was hard on him about his academics. His mom, Kortney, is an educator and she agreed saying “as a teacher I saw his potential and his academic excellence, and I wanted to make sure that he always reaches his full potential.” His parents aren’t the only ones who are in awe of what Jadyn has accomplished in the classroom, his teachers and coaches say he is one of their best students as well.

“We talk to the kids all the time about academics,” says Midland Valley head football coach Earl Chaptman, “seeing a guy who’s one of our best football players have the academics he has and do the career center stuff that he does, it’s amazing.” As talented as Jadyn is at football, when he looks to the future he sees a career with barbering. Jadyn gives haircuts to his teammates on the sidelines as well as his friends, and his barbering instructor thinks he definitely has what it takes.

“Jadyn himself has always been motivated, driven, and super funny,” says Dr. Trina Smith, “he’s definitely the class clown but also the leader. He is the best barbering student that I have.”

Jadyn says that at the end of this year he’ll have his barbering license and he can’t wait to continue his career. “It’s fun, easy, and quick money. I like it,” says Jadyn.

We can’t wait to see what Jadyn accomplishes in the future. A big congratulations to him and his family on being named Scholar Athlete of the Week.