MARTINEZ – Ga (WJBF ) – Mark Greubel of Greubel MMA is helping advance the sport of kickboxing on the world stage.

Greubel will be the head coach for Team USA Kickboxing as the team competes at the World Games in Birmingham, Alabama.

In years past, the kickboxing was only considered a demo sport at the World Games, now they’re finally being recognized as a program sport. This opportunity has kickboxing one step closer toward being sanctioned as an official Olympic sport.

“We’re right on the cusp of getting Olympic recognition and once that happens, Augusta’s going to have an Olympic coach,” said Greubel. “I’m just excited, I’ve been working on this for 16 years now. Working with the World Association Kickboxing Organization, we’ve finally got IOC recognition as an official sanctioning body organization for the sport of kickboxing and man I can’t wait man I’ve been waiting this like my whole like feels like,” Greubel added.

The kickboxing competition at the World Games begin on July 13th.