AUGUSTA, GA. (WJBF) – Hudson Burch has been a swim star at Lakeside High School, as well as on the Jones Creek Summer Swim League and the Aiken Augusta Swim League, for the last 4 years.

As captain of the LHS swim team and a silver and bronze medalist at the 6A State Swim Meet in the 200m Freestyle, he has a lot to be proud of.

Now, he is being recognized for his hard work in the classroom as well, and for his efforts Hudson has been named this week’s Scholar Athlete.

Hudson and his family credit his success to how hard he works in and out of the pool.

“One of the things that fires me up is his leadership,” says Hudson’s Head Coach/father Donnie, “he leads the cheers a lot of times you’ll see everyone scream ASL and these big huddles, and the same with LHS.”

Hudson’s other coaches also see his hard work and marvel at how much he has grown into a leader the last few years.

“I watched him grow since he was in middle school,” says Jones Creek Swim Team President Barbara Lacombe, “to watch him go from a tiny swimmer to where he is now with all the young children, it’s just been amazing and heartwarming.”

Hudson is one of the top 50 students in his graduating class and has a 98.1 GPA, and he says he’s looking forward to his final season as a student athlete at Lakeside High.

Congratulations to Hudson Burch and his entire family for being named WJBF’s Scholar Athlete of the Week!