AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – After a decade in the professional boxing ring, Justin “The Chosen One’ DeLoach retires from inside the ropes. He finishes with a record of 19 wins, five losses and 10 K.O.’s

“I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot you know in the boxing world, and the city the community a lot of people follow me and watch me progress in the sports. One thing I always like to point out is in that they saw me achieve a dream,” says DeLoach.

DeLoach’s last win was in August of 2020, in first round knockout of then undefeated fighter Livan Navarro. That same year, in November he suffered a 9th round TKO to Lithuanian Olympian Eimantas Stanionis.

“I compare my boxing career with my life, nothing is easy. If you look at my career, I’ve fought a lot of tough fights and I’ve beat a lot of people, and I lost a couple, but that’s just life. Every time I got back up”.

Prior to turning pro in 2013, Justin got his first taste of boxing at the age of eight. He then became of the best amateur boxers in the country.

Earning a National Silver Gloves title at the age of 13. In 2012 he appeared in the USA National Boxing Championship. He compiled an outstanding amateur record of 41-5.

“I’m one of the guys who had a great amateur background, and to be one of the guys that’s known for boxing and to break the barriers, to show my generation you can do it feels great,” says DeLoach.

He said early on his career, Augusta’s world champion boxers Paul Williams and Vernon Forest were his motivation to one day become great.

“I worked hard for it, you have to understand when it comes to the boxing world, it’s really three fighters in the city that’s done what I’ve done. I’m one of the three; it’s me, Vernon, and Paul as far as being like mainstream. it’s something we worked really hard for, because we had a great amateur background,” he added.

And as they once were to him, he wants to be motivation for the next crop of fighters coming out of Augusta.

“As I’m retiring from being in the ring, I’m not retiring from the sport. I look forward to opening up a real gym for the city, a real gym for the community, and also these kids need it.”

DeLoach then states, “A lot of kids might not want to fight but, they can always have a home, so I’m looking to create a gym. I’m looking for any sponsors and donations, and for anyone that wants to help out with the gym we definitely got a Dock Championship Gym on the way”.