AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The Westside High School boy’s basketball team is celebrating yet again!

These gentlemen were able to pull out a 89-81 win over Providence Christian Academy in overtime at the Macon Coliseum Thursday.

Senior, Amauri Tillman, led the way with 36 points. Head Coach, Jerry Hunter and his players said they knew it could be done.

“We’ve been there before. we thought we may have taken Providence’s best shot. We needed to get ourselves together on defense and we knew the points would come, we just had to make the stops. composure was the most important thing,” Coach Hunter said.

“It feels great,” AuMaui Hunter expressed. “I haven’t even jumped up and down, the tears you saw were for this being my last game not for winning the state championship. That hasn’t really kicked in, I just knew when that buzzer went off I was speechless. I had to go to those guys on the other sideline and tell them i respect them so much. I’ve been there. we could have been there, we were down 11. It doesn’t feel real, none of it feels real. this one is better than the last one for sure.”

Khalon Hudson said he feels the same way, “It’s a great feeling especially because i knew all the work I put in to help my team get this trophy. All the bumps and bruises and everything we’ve been through was worth it. It’s indescribable! You have to experience it to know. We did it once, to come back the next year and do it again when we were doubted, there’s no feeling like it.”

“My family, my mom, my dad, my grandparents, they all told me that when the time comes the dawg gotta come out or i’m gonna be the one sitting on the sideline with the tears, and not the ones of joy. So the dawg had to come out of me, Khalon, our whole bench, getting steals, freethrows, rebounds, it had to come out of all of us.”

For the second year in a row they are named 2-A state champions in basketball.

Congrats Patriots!!