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Augusta- Augusta Christian is one of the few schools that didn’t have to close its classroom doors during the pandemic. Now, seniors like Eric Young, are living their final year of high-school to the fullest.

“My senior year has been going great, I’ve made all a’s and b’s, ive gotten the oppurtunity to wrestle, play football and I’m even about to start a track season,” said Eric Young a senior at Augusta Christian.

Unlike some students, this school year has been a normal one for Eric.

“I’ve been able to attend school make my grades attend class, it’s been great,” said Young.

There were some doubts about how the semester would turn out.

“In the beginning I was very worried that I wouldn’t be able to have any seasons, I wouldn’t be able to attend class, I thought I’d be online not in class with my teachers not interacting with my friends,” said Young.

Now Eric is preparing to go away to college. While this was a normal school year for Eric– school leaders say they did make some changes.

“Temperature checks before the school day, wearing masks in all the common areas, wearing masks in all the classrooms if it’s a crowded classroom, or if there going to be working in groups, our teachers generally stand 6 feet or more from the students when they’re teaching if they have to do one on one they’ll put their mask back on for that,” said Les Walden, the headmaster at Augusta Christian.

The list continues with separating school lunches and chapel service to keep students spread out.

Les walden//headmaster, augusta christian:
“And then for athletic events we’ve instituted some of the same policies and procedures with the fans limiting attendance in doors and things like that”

Walden says a smaller student body also played a role.

“I think being a smaller school we’re able to make decisions a little quicker sometimes, we’re able to dive right in, if we had someone with covid we contact trace right away to find out who they may have been around and if they’ve been around people under that we will quarantine those individuals,” said Walden.

Now the school is working on expanding. Construction is ongoing at augusta christian to add another building to the school.

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