Nike provides recovery for Peach Jam teams

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NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. – Players at the Nike Peach Jam have been participating in up to 2 games for the past 5 days in a row.

With this in mind Nike has made the recovery process a lot smoother.

“It shows that they really care for the players and the player’s health and body and it shows that they really want us to be successful,” says Trey Alexander, Mokan Elite PG.

“You’re just sore the whole time and then you come in here and then you’re just good to go for the next game, so it’s really good,” says Jaylon White, Mokan Elite PG.

Each game can have a lot of wear and tear on players during tournament play.

So Nike added a players lounge in the heart of the facility, so players can have easy access to rehab before and after their games.

Players tell me they notice a huge difference.

“I noticed my legs feel way better before and after every game. Usually we get it after every game, so after the game it makes my legs feel better and then it carries onto the next game,” says Trey Alexander.

“I can come in here stiff and walk out fine, so it feels good. I feel like I can run a mile after I come out of here,” says Jaylon White.

Advancing in the peach jam has created back-to-back games for teams.

They attribute their success to adding these 30-minute sessions in their breaks.

“We keep winning games, and I give it a big part to this, because recovery is a big part of your body making sure you take care of your body before and after the game is a big deal as to how you play and how your team plays,” says Trey Alexander.

Not only can you recover Nike has made it a fun environment, so you can unwind, and even play NBA 2K.

“It feels like an inviting place like where you know you don’t have to be super focused, you can have a chance to rest your body and have fun at the same time, so it’s pretty cool,” says Trey Alexander.

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