Nike Peach Jam brings spotlight to elite teams

High School Sports

56 basketball teams are all here at the Nike Peach Jam, one of the biggest high school exposure tournaments, trying to make a name for themselves in front of the top college recruiters. To get here means the world to them.

“It’s a blessing and an honor, because I grew up watching the jam and all the great players that passed through here,” says Dylan Cardwell, AOT’s Center .

“Through all the tournaments it was really hard, and it means a lot to be here. These are the best people,” says Tyson Ford, Bradley Beal Elite.

It’s been a tough journey, but players told me it was worth every practice and hard-fought game.

Only the top AAU teams in the country qualify to play in the Nike peach Jam in North Augusta.

Not only does the elite play against the elite D1 coaches crowd the sidelines to see who would be the best fit for their program.

Making a first impression can add some tension.

“Fun experience, nerve-wrecking, a little bit nervous, butterflies,” says Robert Martin, Bradley Beal Elite PG.

But many are used to the big stage.

“I’ve played in front of all the coaches, so right now I’m good,” says Brandon Boston Jr., AOT’s Guard.

“I’ve dealt with this for my whole life, so it’s nothing really,” says Dylan Cardwell.

For the 17U groups, they’re use to the spotlight as they wrack up numerous offers, but this summer is also the last dance for many teams.

“Most of them are seniors. Our group has been together since they were 8-years- old, so this is pretty much the end, so it’s a big thing,” says Frank White, AOT’s Asst. Coach

Players tell me they are looking to leave everything on the court and they have their eyes fixed on one thing.

“Looking forward to winning the Peach Jam,” says Dylan Cardwell.

The Peach Jam will be in action until Sunday. The first game tomorrow will be at 9 a.m.

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