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EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) — For most football fans the wait is finally over, football season is here. The heart of the season is during the fall months, but practices and preseason games begin in the summer. While the team’s goal is to beat their competitor, they are also trying to beat the heat.

And the dedicated fans are committed to their team. So how do they keep cool?

“To properly hydrate, you want to take your body weight and divide it by two,” said Billy Morris. “What that number comes out to be is how many ounces of water you should drink.”

Rachael and Billy Morris are cheering on their two sons who play for Evans High School’s football team. They say they make sure their athletes are hydrated prior to the game.

“It’s just not a day process,” said Rachael Morris. “You have to start the day before if you truly want to be hydrated for the next day.”

There are so many ways fans say they keep cool at football games. NewsChannel 6 reporter Devin Johnson took a break from the game to cool off in the student section’s inflatable pool.

Devin: I can see you’re keeping cool, you have a pretty interesting method, It’s not raining, but you have an umbrella.

Trisheena McCall: “Hey, it’s keeping the heat away…a little.”

Making it cool enough to watch her son perform in the school band. McCall says even though her son is not on the field, she still makes sure he drinks plenty of water.

“I made sure he drank plenty of water before we got here,” explained McCall.” And I’m going to make sure he drinks plenty of water while we are here.”

But with the temperatures not letting up, it raises the question, what’s hotter…. the game or the temperature?

“Hopefully the game, I’m ready for some football,” said McCall.

“The game for sure,” said Billy Morris. “These kids have been working their tails off since February, March.”

During exercise, make sure to have unlimited access to water for players during activity. And provide access to sports drinks when exercise is greater than 60 minutes, or if exercise is going to be intense in the heat.

Photojournalist: Will Baker

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